jueves, 16 de julio de 2009

The Thief Of Bagdad

A legendary Hollywood production by Alexander Korda that featured about nine directors and a huge cast, the story deals with King Ahmad, who decides to take to the streets to know what the people think of him, after some advice from his Grand Vizier, Jaffar (played by Cesare himself, Conrad Veidt). But Jaffar sents him up, and puts him in jail. Thanks to the help of a thief named Abu (played by Sabu), they escape from jail. It’s too bad that Ahmad falls in love with the same princess Jaffar does, and so begins the most epic of all love triangles, featuring genies, magic carpets, giant spiders, complex magical toys and magic spells. This movie is truly magnificent in it’s scope, a magical Hundred And One Nights story. The special effects still look incredible for it’s time, and some setpieces are very well made, such as the mechanical doll that kills the Sultan, played by Hammer comedy relief Miles Malleson. The Genie, played by Rex Ingram, is also quite a sight. This movie has inspired many movies that came after it, especially Disney’s Alladin. I’m sure you all consider some of these names to be familiar, since Disney stole them all, or shall I say, ‘homaged’. In the end this one needs no comparison, it’s the best swords and sandals movie I’ve seen and is definitely recommended by all. I just wonder how much of it was directed by Michael Powell.

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