miércoles, 8 de julio de 2009


Based on the life story of renegade indie filmmaker Melvin Van Peebles and directed and acted by his own son, Mario Van Peebles, this is one of the greatest films I’ve seen in the new millennium and holds a place in my top 20. Being an independent filmmaker, I relate to Melvin’s character from the get go, from his struggles and bullshit talking to get the people to work with him, to the struggles on set, actresses changing their minds about the roles, money problems, and of course, the lack of mistrust from members of the crew. It details the making of his classic film Sweet Sweetback’s Badass Song, and you are just in there from the get go. The casting is excellent, but Mario truly steals the show, being intense, sincere, funny, and sexual. Hell, I have nothing negative to say about this. One of the greatest movies ever.

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