sábado, 4 de julio de 2009

The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms

Hooray for stop-motion! Based on the short story “The Fog Horn” by Ray Bradbury, it deals with Professor Tom Nesbitt (played by Paul Hubschmid), a military scientist who, in the middle of work, is witness to the birth of a giant Rhedosaurus (a dinosaur made up for the film) who awakens from a radioactive test. Trying to make everyone believe him, it’s useless until a professor (played by classic Hollywood character actor Cecil Kellaway) and his pretty assistant, played by Paula Raymond, to make the military clear of it’s existance, especially since it suddenly starts destroying New York City. And of course, that’s Kenneth Tobey from The Thing as the main military guy. When they discover that the beast is radioactive, it’s up to Dr. Nesbitt and a super military marksman (played by Lee Van Cleef, THE BAD!) to shoot him with a radioactive isotope. Well, enough of the plot, this movie kicks mayor mayor ass. The stop-motion animation is some of the best in film history, done by the great Ray Harryhausen in what was one of his first films. The Rhedosaurus is definitely one of the coolest monster movies of all time. This film was so popular that it inspired the creation of Godzilla in Japan, and has been homaged for years since, from Cloverfield taking away it’s plot basically, to a particularly funny scene in Gremlins 2. Not to be missed.

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