jueves, 16 de julio de 2009

Devil Fetus

A woman who buys a jade vase is sexually assaulted by a green ghost creature. After her husband finds out, he breaks the vase, only to start rotting and being covered in worms thanks to the gas that was released. Soon after his wife is murdered, and her dead body explodes with the Devil’s Fetus. Thankfully the priest knows what to do and stops the creature by possessing some charms before anything happens. Eleven years later, their grandson and his girlfriend come back to the house and mess with the charms, making things worse and bringing back the rapist monster. This movie is pretty damn effective and it’s one of my favorite CAT III films, just by how ridiculously over-the-top it is. The gore and sex elements are impressive and, like most Chinese horror films, there’s a lot of worms slithering around. There’s also a lot of Chinese mysticism to be had, which helps it to make it more realistic, even if it still is batshit crazy. In the end, this is a great horror flick and not to be missed.

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