jueves, 16 de julio de 2009

The Monster X Strikes Back: Attack the G8 Summit

Wow what a movie. A parody of giant monster movie from the 1960’s, made by the same guy who did The Calamary Wrestler and Executive Koala, it deals with the return of the GIANT SPACE CHICKEN from The X From Outer Space, one of the lesser known movies of the giant monster era of Japan. So the goofy-looking monster returns, and the G8 summit members, which is all composed of funny stereotypes of Americans, Germans, Italians and others, who try and stop them. Their plans all do either really crazy or stupid stuff, and end up either putting him to sleep or making him really high, so high in fact that he starts dancing. Even Kim Jon-Il gets in on the act, trying to stop him with a nuclear bomb.
It’s up to a sassy reporter and her cameraman to get a small village to revive their God, who looks exactly like a Power Rangers version of Takeshi Kitano, to stop the giant space chicken. As I said, this is a comedy and it’s full of hilarious moments, like the aforementioned high moment. Also, the ritual to bring the God back to life is so ridiculous that it might be realistic. I also got a kick out of hearing Takeshi Kitano actually voicing the God he’s supposed to look like. Anyway, this is a movie that was made to be nothing more than a funny B-movie, and in this reviewer’s opinion, it achieves just that.

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