viernes, 24 de julio de 2009

Alfred Hitchcock's Spellbound

I have to admit, as big as a Hitchcock fan as I am, I was somewhat disappointed with this film. It deals with Dr. Constanse Petersen, played by the beautiful and legendary Ingrid Bergman, who works in a hospital where a new head doctor is coming down. This doctor is Dr. Anthony Edwards, played by a very young Gregory Peck. Hell, he seems to young for the role, even to the suspicions of Dr. Murchison (Leo G. Carroll). Soon they discover he’s not exactly Anthony Edwards, but a skitzo with amnesia. It’s too bad that Dr. Petersen has fallen in love with him, and will now do anything to help him solve exactly who he is and why is he being framed. Yes, the actors are obviously great and the productions values are off the chart, but it’s still not very interesting. It’s basically like The 39 Steps, a chase caper full of psychobabble. One interesting scene however, is the famous ‘dream’, which was also made by Salvador Dali, and it shows. It’s surreal as hell and weird, too. The figure with the white mask sure looks creepy. Of course it’s all too brief, then we return to a rather uninteresting plot, although I do like the villain’s suicide death, done from a POV shot. Anyway, it’s a good Hitchcock movie, but not as interesting as the others.

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