lunes, 13 de julio de 2009

Calles Sin Nombre

A gang melodrama from Mexico, my main interest in this film came because one of the lead characters was a heroic luchador. I’m a huge Mexican wrestler film fan, so I knew I had to see it, but I did find a very well-made and entertaining melodrama.
It's about this bald Mexican street kid who is into a lot of problems, and gets his kicks by robbing and doing drugs. His mom's worried about him running with a gang and drinking and smoking dope all day so she tries to get his luchador uncle to mold him into an honest man, but the kid is too thick-skulled. His sister's raped by a rival gang which doesn't help matters. Also, one of his gang buddies ripped off this corrupt politico who's married to his hot ex-girlfriend adding more problems. So the kid has to choose between his future world of wrestling or his street life. The acting is pretty good, and there’s a lot of good nudity involved, sometimes getting a little gratuitous which made it unintentionally funny, but in the end, it’s alright, but nothing very memorable. The ending is ridiculously sappy.

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