sábado, 4 de julio de 2009

Psychedelic Sex Freak

One of the oldest porn films I’ve ever seen, from 1970. Eddie is nothing but a loser, a sexless freak filled with weird fantasies. It’s too bad, because no woman would even look at him to spit at him. His fantasies are very much of the time, with a bunch of nude women and psychedelic effects begging for his sex. It all changes when he buys a book on hypnotism, and of course, starts hypnotizing the women into having sex with him. And he finds exactly the girl he wants in young Nora, a closet masochist and his next-door neighbor. Not much else you can say about this, it’s one of the first full-length sex films ever made, and it shows. The cinematography is grimy and gritty and most of the girls look very plain in a 60’s kind of way, except for Nora, who looks like a bigger-breasted Joan Jett. Recommended for true freaks only.

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