sábado, 11 de julio de 2009


An interesting mix between the evil teen and undead subgenres, this is one of the most interesting horror films to come out this year, by far. It deals with a group of teen outcasts who, while fucking around in an abandoned sanitarium, find a woman chained to a bed. At first you think, “Oooh serial killer time” but over the course of the night they discover the girl can’t die, and not only that has a huge craving for human flesh. Conflict arises between what they should and should not do with the creature, until they discover that they can actually spread the disease through bites, which makes the movie even more interesting.
The acting in this film is stupendous all the way around, making these kids believable even when they shouldn’t be. Also it’s a very refreshing way to see this kind of film, since both horror genres that it belongs to are basically played-out ones. Still, it’s far from perfect. There are some huge plotholes, (like why the disease can spread through bites but not from unprotected sex?), and the ending is quite a letdown, basically doing a repeat of the whole plot in an uninspired and unoriginal way. This is mainly a fault in the writing, delivered by Troma alumni Trent Haaga of Terror Firmer and Citizen Toxie. Still, the movie does deliver on the scary and disturbing parts, and also manages to be funny in some occasions, such as when two of the boys are trying to kidnap a girl who ends up kicking the shit out of them. So I recommend the film, but don’t believe the hype it’s getting around it. It’s still better than most of what’s coming out in theaters, so dig in and have some fun.

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