viernes, 24 de julio de 2009

The Babysitter

As we cinema fans know, the late 1960’s were a time of change and maturity for the American cinema. Taking it’s cue from the European New Wave, both Hollywood and the independents dared newer grounds, from Bonnie & Clyde and Easy Rider to Cassavettes’s Faces and Night of the Living Dead. This movie came out right during that time of change, and while it’s budget is even lower than in the previous two, it’s one of the most interesting films of the period for it’s frank depiction of sexuality, and the real attitudes of bourgeoisie couples. The biker angle do date it a bit, but it doesn’t affect how good this movie is.
It deals with a babysitter named Candy, who is very much a product of her time, being wild and sexually active. She gets involved with a district attorney, who is married with a woman who would rather play bridge than have a romantic night. Also involved are a biker gang where the district attorney is prosecuting one of their members, and his ‘old lady’ aka girlfriend tries to blackmail him when it comes out that both her daughter is a lesbian, and he’s having an affair with Candy. The movie is sleazy and sexy, with many beautiful women taking off their clothes and making out with each other. Yes, it’s all natural and all real, no silicone in sight.

However, it is the side of the district attorney and his wife, and their very sad marriage, that really took my interest. When he becomes more involved and sentimentally attached to Candy, he gets angrier and becomes more independent toward his domineering wife. This is a very interesting film, and recommended to all who are interested in how an exploitation film could reach more than what it is.

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