miércoles, 8 de julio de 2009

Black Narcissus

One of Powell/Pressburger’s greatest films, it deals with a group of nuns, lead by the beautiful redhead Deborah Kerr, who are forced to move to a convent on top of an Indian mountain. There they meet bad weather and male temptation, and their lives are forever changed. I saw this film for the first time in 2005 and I must say I had never seen anything quite like it before or since, becoming one of my favorite movies of all time. It wasn’t the first of Powell’s films I’d seen (that would be Peeping Tom) but of all of them it has left the biggest impression on my mind than anything else. And I have to say, it’s because of the cinematography more than anything else. This was the early three-strip Technicolor process, and it was used to perfection. The lighting, the makeups, the photography, it’s all as flawless as cinematography can get. The acting is great as well, with not just Deborah Kerr playing a dignified head of a convent, but also Sabu (from The Jungle Book and Thief of Baghdad) playing a more simpleton-like character, even if he is a prince, in a role that’s completely against typecast. But it’s Kathleen Byron, who had already appeared in A Matter Of Life & Death, who steals the show as the mentally unhinged Sister Ruth. Those are some damn creepy eyes! Anyway, this film is not to miss. One of the greatest in the history of cinema.

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