sábado, 11 de julio de 2009

Black Mama White Mama

Pam Grier and Margaret Markov are two damn attractive women who escape together from a Philipino women’s prison (that looks more like a lesbian’s wet dream than a real jail) so they can meet their destinies. One has a boat waiting for her with money she stole from a powerful drug-lord, the other is looking for her revolutionary friends so they can get more guns. It’s too bad that they’re chained together, and they don’t exactly get along. Basically an exploitation remake of The Defiant Ones, this is a very entertaining film and a lot better than you might expect. Pam Grier chews the scenery as always and looks mega hot doing it, while Margaret is definitely more subtle, and quieter, which brings a good balance to the goings-on. Meanwhile we get good acting from the supporting players, especially from exploitation regular Sid Haig who plays a cowboy wannabe with a thick moustache who is being paid to find the girls. The action scenes are also well done, which doesn’t surprise me since director Eddie Romero had a lot of experience making Filipino war movies. He also directed such exploitation fare like The Ravagers, Beast Of Blood, Beast Of Yellow Night and Savage Sisters, so this isn’t new material for him. Anyway, this is a very recommendable film, so don’t miss it.

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