sábado, 18 de julio de 2009


I first found out about Plotdigger films when I saw Live Feed about two years ago, which was a really fun and violent exploitation movie. When I heard about Gutterballs I got really excited and really looked forward to it, since it looked like a great revival of the slasher exploitation film, and I knew Nicholson could deliver where Hatchet failed so miserably. And it did. It deals with two gangs of bowlers, one made up of what I guess are New Wavers from the 80’s, while the other is made up of jock douchebags. The douchebags gang-rape one of the girls in the other gang, in what is definitely one of the most violent rape scenes I’ve seen in a while. The next night, the kids in both gangs are systematically one by one murdered by the BBK (Bowling Bag Killer), a Jason-type slasher wearing a bowling bag for a mask and killing the kids with bowling instruments.
While there was nothing funny about the rape scene, the rest of the movie is quite hilarious in it’s over-the-topness, but I have to say it’s pretty damn original. My favorite death had to be the death-by-waxing machine, which is gory, brutal, and hilarious as well. The death by 69 is memorable as well. Now I have to say, this movie is not perfect. The sound is pretty damn bad, and I hope Nicholson will pay attention to the sound in his next film as much as he does with the gore and cinematography. Also, I know I shouldn’t hate because she’s really damn hot and has a great body, but Candice Lewald can’t act for shit. She struggles with every single emotional scene and can’t seem to emote for the life of her. But she has potential, and I hope to see more of her in the future, maybe with a better director. In the end, a damn cool film and a soon-to-be classic.

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