miércoles, 8 de julio de 2009

Centipede Horror

Wow, just wow. I’ve seen a lot of fucked up films in my day. I still have fond memories of the first time I saw movies like Cannibal Holocaust and Last House on the Left. And after seeing this, this is going to rank right up there. China is known for making fucked up movies, from Devil Fetus to Ebola Syndrome and Red To Kill, the CAT III is one of the greatest categories of the horror genre, but this… wow.
A crazed evil wizard uses his powers to take revenge on beautiful women by making them vomit up live centipedes, which then proceed to eat their victims. As you know, voodoo ain’t nothing to fuck with, and Chinese voodoo is no different. That’s all I want to say about the plot, because this movie is so screwed up that I don’t want to reveal anything to anyone. I will say one thing, it’s one of the most disgusting movies I have seen in years. I have only vomited twice while watching movies, first during the third grade while I was watching Aliens, and now this. And what, you may ask, would be so disgusting that would make a grown man vomit? Well, if you have ever had any encounters with them, you know that centipedes (or alacranes, as we call them in Puerto Rico) are some of the most repulsive, disgusting animals in the planet. Just looking at them gives you the creeps. So imagine now a woman, an actress who actually said yes to the offer, actually vomiting these things from their mouth. And I’m not talking latex heads, either, I’m talking about really coming out of their mouths. It was so disgusting I thought I was going to pass out. Is there any better recommendation? Not to be missed by the fans of sick cinema.

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