viernes, 24 de julio de 2009

Fallen Angels

Very rare but interesting documentary from the mid-80’s dealing with the porn industry and the actors and actresses involved, from those on top to those trying to start their career. The tone changes between every subject, depending on their experiences. For example, Ron Jeremy’s story is pretty happy, and so is Kristara Barrington aka Kimberly, who starts off as a young model having to deal with hiding her pornographic career from her boyfriend, until going onto starring in the famous New Wave Hookers. One weird thing about this sequence is having to see Traci Lords, who you know was only like, fifteen. However, the most interesting part of the film comes with Lisa Lake, a Penthouse model who is slowly becoming more and more disillusioned with the porn business, and is reduced to do pinup modeling for amateur private photographers. There is a very sad moment when she has an emotional breakdown when a man suggests she enjoys being tied up, just because she did it for a photoshoot. For some reason that really impacted me. I tried finding a picture of her but couldn’t find one, she was genuinely beautiful but sadly, life doesn’t always go our way. Porn stars today definitely have it better. Anyway, a very well-made and truthful documentary. The director of this, by the way, ended up directing more pornos and eventually directed music videos for Britney Spears. Weird.

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