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Wow, what a disappointment. I had heard about this film many years ago when I first started looking at horror encyclopedias, in search of new and ‘rare’ films. I was finally able to track down a bootleg of this famous film, and boy what a turd. A psycho black widow dies in jail, and a doctor wants to experiment on something about bringing back her soul. Meanwhile, Carole Lombard shows up and who is getting possessed by the spirit. Add to this a medium who murders people with a poisonous ring in the object of giving the murderess’s spirit into Lombard’s body.

Even if it only lasts about an hour, its delirious to say the least. Something positive it has it that it features a lot of neat camera tricks, and it’s story was somewhat original at the time. You have to remember, this film came out in the first American horror boom in the early 30’s, competing with the early Universals and stuff like Jekyll & Hyde. Sadly it’s just not that interesting. The acting is atrocious from every part. Carole Lombard and Randolph Scott would go on to become huge stars, and give great performances in the future, but this early film of theirs is an embarrassment. Although I will say, when Lombard gets possessed, she acts a little bit more slutty and evil, and the movie gets a bit more interesting. But sadly, it’s not enough. And how come all the evil characters laugh in such an exaggerated manner? Talk about over-acting. Oh, and nothing worse than the drunken landlady character used for comedy relief. This was an ugly, ugly trend used in the horror movies of the period like Mad Love, Invisible Man and Werewolf Of London, and like those films, the character really sours the film. Too bad this one was sour to begin with. The ending is typical melodrama. Only for hardcore horror fans who want to see everything, like myself. If not, then skip it.

Good films to watch Carole Lombard in: My Man Godfrey, Mr. And Mrs. Smith, To Be Or Not To Be.
Good films to watch Randolph Scott in: Murders In The Zoo, The Tall T, The Spoilers, Ride The High Country.

Sadly, Lombard died right in the middle of her huge career from a plane crash in the early 1940’s. She died knowing that this turd wouldn’t be her most remembered role.

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