viernes, 24 de julio de 2009

Stocks And Blondes

Wow, what a revelation! I got this movie from the 1980’s because it starred my favorite pornographic actress of all time, Veronica Hart. The story is a film-noir-esque plot, a blonde investigates the fall of a high-cojones organization on Wall Street. She interviews everyone who was involved, from strippers to Ron Jeremy. She realizes soon that these women who took over the organization use sex as a weapon of blackmail and used it to get to the top, the head whore being Ms. Hart. I was truly surprised by how good the acting was in this movie, especially by it’s three main porn stars, Veronica, Ron Jeremy and Jamie Gillis. I already enjoyed seeing them in other classic porn movies, but seeing them in a softcore sex comedy gave me a lot of enjoyment. Of course, there is a ton of nudity, but that only adds to just how great this thing was. Veronica Hart is a great porn star, but I wished she had a real career, especially in comedy, since she can sure as hell pull it off.

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