jueves, 16 de julio de 2009


It’s somewhat incredible how this film, a simple story about a love triangle during World War 2, has become one of the most important and beloved films of all time. Normally classified in every top 10 “best of” when it comes to movies, and it’s easy to know why. Rick Blaine is an American in Casablanca, Morocco, who has his own bar. Thanks to his friendship with the head of police (played by a very gay Claude Rains), he’s able to do all sorts of ‘illegal’ business there. When anti-Nazi Victor Lazlo shows up with his girl (Ingrid Bergman) shows up, it causes all sorts of trouble, both political and romantic. The movie features many great character actors, such as Claude Rains, Conrad Veidt, Peter Lorre and the greatest fat actor in history, Sidney Greenstreet. I love this guy, he’s so sleazy and every line of dialogue makes me shake. Michael Curtiz directs this well, and the photography is beautiful for a black and white film. Basically, what makes the film great s it’s simplicity, being able to say a lot with little. It’s a classic and nothing I say will add to it’s already well-known greatness. A masterpiece.
This was later remade as “Barb Wire” which the less we say about it, the better. Just gives me an excuse to put this photo.

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