miércoles, 1 de julio de 2009

Chasey Saves The World

Oh, Chasey Lain. Many people consider you nothing more than a dried-up, coked-up slut, but I still love you. Here, she plays a nurse (I think) who is in the woods searching for her boyfriend. In the way, she finds an alien invasion, parasidic aliens taking over bodies of humans. But in the process, she finds out quite an unorthodox way of killing the creatures: giving them an orgasm, of course! This is a porno, after all! So yeah, the sex is hot and the plot meaningless, but damn Chasey Lain is one of the hottest women in the business. And she’s actually not that bad of an actress, at least I never thought so. Ever seen Samhain? Her scene at the opening is the best. Anyway, if you like porn, very recommended.

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