sábado, 18 de julio de 2009

Bay Of Blood

Mario Bava was one of the greatest directors in the history of horror, known mostly because of his use of atmosphere and production design to create a total package of horror. This is probably his most famous film after Black Sunday, and it’s known mostly for being a prototype in what would later become the slasher genre. Killer’s point of view, grisly deaths, hot teens getting it on, suspects all over.

When a heiress dies, pretty much every single member in the family starts offing each other off and whoever else is around for the lake property that belonged to her. Yes, greed motivates these murders, not some past tragedy, making it obvious that Bava was more interested in making this film in the Agatha Cristie style. Anyway, this is nowhere near as good as Black Sunday, or Black Sabbath or his other, earlier slasher prototype, Blood And Black Lace. Still, it’s got a lot of merit to it. Lots of twists and turns, lots of bloody killings, lots of early gore and of course, some tits. Recommended for all horror fans who want to know more about it’s history. Italian horror all the way!

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