sábado, 18 de julio de 2009

Snoop Dogg's Hood Of Horror

I had avoided this film like the plague, and I really don’t know why, perhaps it was the presence of Snoop Dogg. Sorry dudes, I’m not the biggest hip hop fan, but I got nothing against the guy I just couldn’t see him as the Cryptkeeper type. But when I was in between watching this or Deported Women of The SS, I decided to take something a less downbeat movie. Imagine how I felt when I actually enjoyed the flick. The movie is basically yet another omnibus-type film, different horror shorts with a wraparound story featuring Snoop Dogg. The first story deals with a graffiti artist who is given powers by the devil to create extra-powerful graffiti. Of course, she uses this new power to take out a local gang who has been terrorizing her. Of course, this goes back and bites her in the ass. Not very original but fun, and it does feature the best death in the film, “Death by 40oz. bottle”. I won’t reveal much but when you see it you’ll know what I mean. The second story deals with a redneck and his bitch who come in and take over a building of African-American Vietnam veterans. Of course, he mistreats them and cuts their budget to make them feel miserable. The last straw comes when one of them dies from tuberculosis and the redneck kills their nurse, played by mega Death Proof hottie Sydney Tamiia Poitier. The Vietnam vets then unleash a wave vengeance on both him and her lover. Again, not very original, but it is very funny. It’s very similar to the “Blind Alleys” story in the original Tales From The Crypt movie, but more comical. The third story deals with a rapper who is judged by a Grim Reaper-type for the murder of his former partner. This is the most original story, but it ends in a pretty clichéd way. Still, it had a lot of good acting from the two rappers. I think I remember one of them from Mad TV. The wrap-around story features both live –action and animation. I have to say, the animation is badass and in some ways, I wish the whole movie had been animated, they’re the best parts. In the end, this is an entertaining omnibus film, with some pretty memorable moments, although it’s definitely more funny than scary. I wish I had a midget demon assistant.

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