lunes, 13 de julio de 2009

Desperately Seeking Seka

Seka was one of the most beautiful porn stars of the golden age of porn, hell of all time. Blonde, volumptuous, and with a real passion for the sex she was having, she made men and women love her and she gave love back. So I saw this documentary, me being a huge fan of old school porn, with great glee. Even if it is short, it’s informative on how the industry used to ran back in the old days.
I didn’t particularly learn anything new, but it was very good. It featured appearances from Al Goldstein, who looks sleazier every time, and great interviews with Nina Hartley and Veronica Hart, two old school porn stars who are very talented and can actually act, and I wish I’d see them in narrative films more often (although Hart had a great role in One-Eyed Monster). But the highlight came in the last part, when we actually meet up with Seka, someone who I’d never believe in a million years was a porn star. She’s like a mother who loves to cook and have fun! I was shocked, but happy considering how many porn stars ended badly, addicted to drugs and some even dead. They also talk briefly about some of my favorite porn films Seka was involved with, like Dracula Sucks and Ultra Flesh. So this is definitely recommended, especially if you love old school porn.

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