lunes, 27 de julio de 2009

Choses Secretes

I have been giving a lot of praise to the films of Jean-Claude Brisseau, as you might have noticed from the recent blog entries. You’d be surprised at how disappointed I was with this film, which is actually one of his most celebrated ones. It deals with a young bartender and a stripper who are both ejected of their place of work. After knowing each other for a while, the stripper decides she’s going to help the bartender to ‘come out of her shell’, as one would say.

So, they dare each other to do the most scandalous things possible, from being half naked in public, to masturbating in public. They finally dare each other to join a corporation so that they can seduce their bosses and get ahead in life, but this all doesn’t go to plan. I’m not going to give you more details about the plot, but I have to say that it just wasn’t very interesting. Yes, it has the sex and the nudity of other Brisseau films, but it lacks the human aspect that made his previous films so damn good. The acting is average, although I will give a lot of credit to Sabrina Seyvecou, who plays the stripper, for being more emotional and enthralling. Watch it if you wish, but if you ask me, just pass.

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