miércoles, 1 de julio de 2009

The Strangeness

Stop-Motion animation, yay! If you read my blog then you know I love the art form, but yeah don’t expect this one to be like the Harryhausen films, this is definitely on the cheaper side, but no less fun! It deals with a bunch of miners who go down a mysterious cave in look for some leftover gold, but all they find is death in the form of a Lovecraftian-like beast with a vagina for a head.
I first heard about this film while reading Nightmare USA, THE book on independent horror cinema from the 70’s and early 80’s. I was very surprised how well the cave looked, since it’s basically just stuff built in a garage, but they definitely sell it. The creature is also incredible. It takes it’s time to show up, but by the time it does, you’re in stop-motion glory, enjoying the hell out of this thing killing people, drowning them in some sort of slime that comes out of it’s vagina, which is of course, stuck on it’s head. This is definitely one of those sexually-charged monsters, in the same vein as the Alien. Sadly the acting is very bargain basement, but with the film’s budget, it’s to be expected. It makes it no less entertaining and recommendable for fans of low budget horror cinema.

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