sábado, 4 de julio de 2009

Salon Kitty

Based on the real-life Salon Kitty, a bordello created to extract information from SS officers by prostitute spies, is a very interesting film. It seems like it was meant to cash in on the fame of Cabaret (hence the many music scenes) but it’s much more of an artistic softcore porn. After all, the director is none other than Tinto Brass, who’s next film would be the notorious Caligula. The plot is basically the same as I’ve explained, with Helmut Berger as the main Nazi officer who creates the bordello, and Bergman regular Ingrid Thulin as the bordello’s Madam Kitty, who sings every once in a while in the film.
The plot picks up when the underage-looking Margherite (played by Brass regular Teresa Ann Savoy) falls in love with a pilot on leave, who’s against Adolf Hitler and everything he stands for. When the Nazis find out, they use Margherite as an informer. Angry over it, Margherite tells Madam Kitty about this, and they both plot revenge. Brass does a good job in treating the atrocities with respect and realism, which might make the film shocking to most people. Also, the nudity and sex goes from sensual to perverse. Still, the movie has some faults, particularly it’s pace which drags like a snail, particularly it’s first hour. This director’s cut is definitely not the good kind. Still, there’s a lot to recommend, and should be seen at least once.

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