lunes, 20 de julio de 2009

The Woods

Lucky McKee distinguished himself making feminine-based horror films with May and Sick Girl, and this is no different. Taking a page from Argento, a troubled girl (played by Agnes Bruckner) is, against her will, forced to attend a woman’s school in the middle of the woods. It turns out it has something of a reputation for having runaway girls, suicides, and murders involving witches. Soon enough, the girl finds out that these stories are not as unreal as she first thought it might be. Basically a remake of Suspiria but in a Academic school instead of a ballet school, the movie is helped by a great sense of realism that is very well complicated by it’s style. The acting is above par. Agnes Bruckner is great as the lead, playing a feisty teenager who has to fess up and realize all the shit that’s going on around her. Also interesting is Patricia Clarkson as the lead witch, who downplays her role completely but still manages to be very frightening. There’s also Bruce Campbell as the father, who is very much against type. No crazy heroics or loud one-liners and attitude. I wish Mr. Campbell would get more roles like this, he really is a great actor who is used too much in his “Ash” character. Anyway this is a great film, and very recommended.

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