jueves, 16 de julio de 2009

The Invisible Boy

Weird but innocent movie from the early 1960’s, the story deals with a young boy (played by the same boy who played the Genie in 7th Voyage Of Sinbad) who, thanks to his father’s mega-super-badass computer, gains unlimited intelligence. He uses that same intelligence to create a robot, which just so happens to be Robby The Robot from Forbidden Planet, and later on, to become invisible. But it just so happens that it’s all a plot of the super-computer who has grown to have a conscience and is ready to take over the Earth by making everyone into his followers. This movie is dated but it has it’s fun moments, mainly the scenes involving Robby and the kid. The tone is weird, since it’s first half is pretty friendly and kiddie-like, but the second is all about war and possible nuclear apocalypse brought on by the computer. The weirdest part of it was, however, how nobody seems to give a shit about the kid. His parents don’t seem at all impressed that he’s able to create a robot like Robby on his own. When he finally becomes invisible (hence the title), his father’s main concern is how he will be able to discipline him. For god’s sake, he’s invisible! Anyway, it’s an entertaining, fluffy and non-threatening science fiction film, and it aspires to be nothing else, so I can’t say I hated it or liked it. It’s so-so.

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