lunes, 27 de julio de 2009

Les Anges Exterminateurs

Do you remember the movie “Fatal Attraction”? Basically this is the same principle of story, only taken into the world of movie directors and struggling actresses. Based on something that really happened to the director of this film, it deals with a director named Francoise, who is making an erotic film. For this, he asks the women who audition for him to strip and masturbate on a bed. All is well and good when he finds three actresses for the role who are ready and willing, but things turn for the worse when he finds out there’s more going on, emotionally, with these two actresses than just accepting a movie role.

Like the previously reviewed ‘l’Aventure”, this is another great film by the underrated Jean-Claude Brisseau. Like his other films, most people dismiss them as pretentious films, or high-class pornography. Really, they’re neither, they’re just very realistic studies in human sexuality and the human brain, and I admire that about the French, that it all doesn’t have to be about giant explosions and superheroes fighting. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, if you’ve seen my blog you know that’s all fine and dandy, but it’s not the be all, end all, you have to be open to something different. And you should be open to his film, and especially to this one, since it’s his best. Very recommended.

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