jueves, 16 de julio de 2009

El Macho Bionico

Silly, smutty comedy variation on The Six Million Dollar Man, starring Andrés García as a wealthy playboy who loses his sex organ in a plane crash and has it replaced with a bionic member, which proceeds to cause havoc whenever it’s aroused. It’s too bad for him that it only gets aroused with one particular woman, a full-bodied voluptuous goddess known as “La Leona” or The Lioness. This movie has it’s funny moments, and sometimes it’s even reminiscent of the films of Russ Meyer, such as when our lead drives a car underwater and, in a parody of Jaws, drives out of the water with a naked woman. Most of the funny stuff comes from our lead’s butler/right-hand-man, who is such a gay stereotype that it’s hard to take seriously. There’s a lot of homages to American television and movies, particularly to stuff like The Exorcist and Incredible Hulk. In the end, it’s pretty damn entertaining, flawed, but funny. There’s a lot of nudity too. Yum.

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