miércoles, 29 de julio de 2009

Rear Window

One of Hitchcock’s best films, and one of those films that show you the best things about Hitchcock’s cinema in general. Jimmy Stewart plays LB Jeffries, a photographer who sits in a cast in his home thanks to a little boo-boo in a race track. His days are spent trying to decide whether or not he should marry his girlfriend, the beautiful and rich Lisa (played by the beautiful Grace Kelly). He also spends his time looking out his window, and spying on his neighbors. Big mistake, as it so happens that he suspects one of his neighbors (played by a big fat Raymond Burr) of having murdered his wife!

Like I said, this movie encompasses everything that Hitchcock’s cinema is all about, featuring most of his typical themes. Sex, obsession, love, personal private investigating, the works. Jimmy Stewart is perfect in the role, humble and funny, easy to relate to. And Grace as well, I mean talk about a beautiful woman! I love the scene when she comes back from leaving the letter under Burr’s door. Stewart’s face really says it all about how much he loves her. The supporting cast is very good, for the most part. Thelma Ritter, who plays Stella, LB’s nurse, is her funny and busybody self, very similar to the role she played in Sam Fuller’s classic Pickup On South Street. Wendell Corey is also pretty good as LB’s detective friend, who just can’t believe his murder story. Georgine Darcy, aka Ms. Torso, is pretty hot. Sadly I can’t say anything positive about Raymond Burr. He’s a terrible actor and can’t get over his performance in Godzilla King Of The Monsters.

Hitchcock directs the film masterfully, going back and forth from the character to his environment, showing the importance of point of view in the story. I almost can’t believe that this was actually a set that was built, it looks like a real building! All in all, a great film, and highly recommended.

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