miércoles, 29 de julio de 2009

Weekend With The Babysitter

Billed as a sequel, this is basically a remake of 1967’s “The Babysitter”, done to be a perfect capsule of the 1970’s, and is in many ways superior to the original. George E. Carey returns as the love object of Candy, but this time he’s a movie producer/screenwriter instead of a district attorney. While he’s having an affair with the hippie Candy, his wife is on a drug binge with known drug dealers, stealing the boat that belongs to the producer. When the two stories mix, all sorts of shenanigans break loose. The drug dealers take the wife hostage, and it’s up to the producer and his gang of hippie bikers to save the day!

As I said, this movie basically reflects everything about the late sixties/early seventies mentality. While George E. Carey isn’t as interesting here as he was in the original, the actress who played Candy, Susan Romen, is young and beautiful, and the actress was supposedly sixteen. The music, the fashion, it’s all a perfect capsule. In the end, this is a really good, entertaining drama, and if you liked the original you’ll love this one even more. It’s the perfect continuation: same basic plot, but upping the ante by 100%. On a curious note, the director of this film is none other than ultra-hippie Tom Laughlin, who not only directed the original Babysitter, but also directed/starred in the four Billy Jack films. How’s that for awesome?

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