miércoles, 8 de julio de 2009

The Devil's Storybook

A shot-on-video film made in the omnibus style, or different stories in one movie, leaves much to be desired. I get a boner for bad shot-on-video movies from the mid to late eighties, like Redneck Zombies and Cannibal Campout, but this is definitely one of the worst. The make-up effects are definitely well-done, but sadly the stories are nowhere near interesting.
The first story is about a serial killer who is about to get some revenge from one of her victims, and the other deals with a clown who hangs himself and is visited by a demon clown to take him to hell. This last one would have been very interesting if it didn’t have such a pedestrian script and directing style. It could have been very creepy also, if the demon clown would have been a more charismatic actor. A better demon makeup would have been better too. The wrap-around story deals with Satan trying to rescue his ‘dark bride’ from porn star Ginger Lynn Allen, who again shows us that she’s great when it comes to taking it up the ass, but not in the acting department. If you want a good omnibus movie, check out stuff like Tales From The Crypt and Creepshow. Pass on this one.

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