miércoles, 22 de julio de 2009

Force Of Evil

One of the simplest but most impressive film noirs of the 1940’s, the story deals with a corrupt lawyer, played by John Garfield, who threatens his older brother, who runs a small gambling ring, into getting into more dangerous territory. This, of course, spells doom for his brother, thanks to a particularly wormy employee, played by Howland Chamberlain. The photography is pure noir, which adds to the air of paranoia and desperation the climax leads into. This movie is dark from the get-go, both in image and tone, and it only gets darker and darker. It’s a traditional Cain & Abel story, with John paying the ultimate prize for setting up his brother and costing him his life. A special mention has to go to actor Howland Chamberlain, who plays Freddie Bauer. Never in my life has a character like this irritated me so much. Somebody so selfish, so bothersome and just downright despicable, that I actually cheered the killers on when he got shot in the head. Fucking snitching on the people that try to help you, that’s the worst crime in the world. Anyway, it’s short and sweet, but dark as hell, and very recommended.

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