miércoles, 22 de julio de 2009

The Fantastic Four 1994

Ah, the infamy. Produced by Platinum Dunes and with money from Roger Corman, this movie was only made so that the studio could keep the movie rights to the famous Marvel franchise, and never to see the light of day. Thankfully someone snuck out a print, and this deliciously entertaining superhero film is now in our hands.
The story deals with four mutated astronauts who become superheroes: Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic, Susan Storm aka Invisible Woman, Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch and Ben Grimm aka The Thing. When it gets out that these beings exist, a man from Richards’ past, Victor Von Doom, decides to take possession of them so he could, of course, take over the world. Also involved is supervillain The Mole Man, even thought here they call him The Jeweler, but they ain’t fooling me. For years, I’ve heard of this movie like it was some weird creature that was too ugly to see the light of day, too bad to be understood, too terrible to comprehend. But now that I finally got a copy, I have to say I quite enjoyed it. Hell I’ll even say that I enjoyed it even more than the two recent Hollywood blockbusters, which to be frank, were pretty bad films. Yes, the special effects are dated as hell and the computer graphic stuff looks like a 3DO game, but still you can’t deny how entertaining this movie is. It’s fun and action-packed, and it doesn’t miss a beat from the beginning till the end. Also, I have to note that, unlike the recent film, this is actually faithful to the comic book, not making up it’s own rules the way the new one did. So I say to you all, do not be scared, watch this, you’ll enjoy it I swear!

Here are 10 comic book movies that are worse than this one:
-Captain America
-Barb Wire
-Batman & Robin
-Fantastic Four
-Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer
-Ghost Rider
-The Punisher (the new one)
-Spider Man 3

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