lunes, 27 de julio de 2009

Importance Of Being Earnest

Based on the famous play by Oscar Wilde, we know we’re onto something special right from the beginning. A theatre gets filled with people, and the curtain opens. So begins the movie, reminding us that this is an important part of the rich tradition of English theatre. It deals with two friends, John Worthing (played by Michael Redgrave) and Algernon (played by Michael Denison). John lives his life in the city as Ernest, away from his ward and family to live and love Gwendolyn, who’s the daughter of Lady Brackwell. Of course, Algernon finds out about this, and decides to investigate, even if it will cause some complications. This movie is hilarious, one of the best to come out of Ealing Studios, and a pretty damn adaptation with a great cast. The use of Technicolor is beautiful as well, making the colors, especially those of the dresses, jump out like a 3D movie. However, the thing that really makes this film incredible, and more than memorable, is the performance of Lady Brackwell, played by that Great Dame of the Theatre, Edith Evans. Every line she reads is over-the-top and every time she comes into the room, you cringe like it was your own mother-in-law. I dare you not to burst out laughing when she exclaims “A Handbag?!” when she finds out about John’s origins. Ms. Evans also appeared in a classic horror films like The Queen Of Spades and dramas like Look Back In Anger. Check it out, it’s an excellent film.

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