miércoles, 29 de julio de 2009

Cane Toads: An Unnatural History

So you’re probably asking, why the hell is this guy talking about a documentary about toads in Australia? I tell you why, because this is one of the most bizarre, hilarious documentaries ever made, that’s why! It speaks both in favor, and in hatred, of the famous cane toads from Australia.

The history of the cane toads is this: in the mid-30’s, the sugar cane industry was suffering a plague from a breed of beetles that were devouring their crops. During a sugar convention (that ran here in Puerto Rico!), it was decided that it would be a great idea to take cane toads from Hawaii and unleash them into Australia. Sadly, not only did the frogs not eat the bugs, but they also went on to breed so rapidly that in less than a decade they had become a plague, a plague that still continues on to this day. I love frogs and toads. I think they’re cute, and look like they pack a lot of attitude, and these are the biggest. The problem with these toads is that they’re very poisonous and can kill, since they squirt that shit like it was cum. By the way, this poison can kill a human being, so don’t put it in your mouth, moron. Another thing, if you extract the poison, you can actually use it as a drug and get high off of it. Wanna take the risk?

A lot of scenes were filmed to look like it was a horror movie, which makes it even more hilarious to me. You see babies and people dealing with the toads with the dramatic scary music. This is very recommended, one of the coolest documentaries ever.

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