miércoles, 22 de julio de 2009

Spider Man

I’ve been a comic book superhero fan since I was a kid, so one of the biggest moments in my high school years was getting to the theatre with my girlfriend at the time and a couple of friends from class to go and watch this really cool superhero film. Being a fan of the Evil Dead trilogy, I was also pumped going in, knowing that it was a film directed by Sam Raimi. But hell, I don’t have to say much about it. You know the story, boy gets bitten by radioactive spider and turns into a superhero who fights another super-powered freak, The Green Goblin. Most of the stuff that I didn’t like had to do with the stuff they changed from the comic. I didn’t mind that his web came from his mutation, hell it actually seemed pretty convenient. What I didn’t like is that they decided on making the girl Mary Jane instead of Gwen Stacy (something that would bite them in the ass in part 3). I also didn’t like the Green Goblin’s costume, I would have liked to have seen the classic Goblin make an appearance, hell Willem Dafoe would require very little makeup he already looks like a demon! I like Tobey Maguire a lot and the same goes for James Franco and Willem Dafoe, but Kristen Dunst, who is hot, did kinda get on my nerves, and it would only progress in the sequels. Some of the CGI looks bad as well, especially in the first hour, but gets much better and pretty realistic by the third act’s main battle. So in the end, this is a pretty damn cool superhero film, and if you’ve seen it then you probably know so, even if the sequel did get better, but more on that for another time.
Now here’s a picture of the Green Goblin raping Spider-Man.

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