miércoles, 1 de julio de 2009

College Girl Murders

Two murderers, one using gas guns (and bibles) and another dressed like a monk with a whip (although he looks more like an executioner) kill people employed in a girl’s college. It’s up to the police to search it out and find out just how high the conspiracy is stacked.
Ah, the Krimi, Germany’s precursor to both the giallo and the slasher film. Based on the writings of Edgar Wallace, the genre has released genuine classics like The Stranger At Blackmoor Castle, and real turds like The Phantom of Soho. This movie falls in between, but you can really see how the film inspired what was to come in Italy and the US in the following decades, with a masked killer killing off beautiful women (and old men) in the most violent ways possible. The story employs the typical ingredients of a Krimi, with weird buildings filled with secret passages, extremely complex villains and murders, and large conspiracies dealing with the identity of the real evildoers. And of course, the bumbling policemen. The cinematography adds to the film, making it look like it was photographed by Mario Bava. Anyway, this is very recommended to fans of slashers, giallos, and old school European horror flicks.

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